After many promises, it's finally here. For the next three weeks, the website will be in open beta, allowing volunteers to manage real tasks, goals, events, and more.

I know, I've been promising this website for a long time now. But it's finally here! is designed to be a central online hub for volunteers to get things done. Key features include:

Going to the home page will let you choose which gang site to enter. You can go directly to the Dallas Yang Gang site by visiting any of these domains:,, and

Even though the website is ready to manage real tasks and goals, the website will be in "open beta" over the next three weeks. This means that during this period, expect to see a lot of bugs and areas for improvement. When you do find bugs, or want to make a suggestion for improving the website, send an email to While in beta, we will also limit who we recommend the website to. Here is the planned timeline:

  1. First week of beta: only a handful of key volunteers in the Dallas Yang Gang use the website.
  2. Second week of beta: only the Dallas Yang Gang will use the volunteer website.
  3. Third week of beta: share the volunteer website with other volunteers outside the Dallas Yang Gang.
  4. Fourth week: exit beta period and publicly welcome anyone can use the volunteer website.

When we do exit beta, there will still be bugs and improvements to implement. The main difference will be we won't expect as many bugs and changes after we leave beta, and we can recommend more people use the site because it has a reasonable level of stability.

Here are more features yet to be implemented:

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Let's get to work.

Humanity First,

Hexel Colorado
YGRO, Dallas Yang Gang